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Need for Better Nutrition

WHAT a joy it is to behold a well-nourished child! Yet, a child is not healthy by accident. Nutrition is very important for everyone, but it is especially important for children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth & development especially brain develops rapidly at a young age. Hunger can prevent children from making the most of a formal education and the sad truth is that hunger can have physical and psychological effects on growing children that make learning substantially difficult.

Food is the fuel necessary to get through a normal day. Children experiencing hunger are more likely to have problems with memory and concentration because they do not have the energy to carry out these functions. Without the right nutrients, the brain cannot develop properly, resulting in long term effects on learning abilities. Malnutrition makes children more susceptible to illnesses. However, we wish to address this problem and its possible only with your help. Your donation for food is will bring the best out of them and shape them to be healthy individuals.

Sponsor a kid for Nutrition food, Medical and maintenance

Food & Maintenance per month Rs.2500 Donate
Medical Insurance annum Rs. 1,200
Six pairs of regular clothes Rs.36,00 Donate

Sponsor a gift pack on child’s birthday-Pack includes of

Clothes Rs.1000 Donate
Foot wear Rs.250
Cake and Chocolates Rs.350 Donate
Total Rs.1,600 Donate

your contributions  with in india are eligible  for tax benefit under section 80G.

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