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Importance of Education

Every child needs to be educated it is a basic right. It is estimated that in our own country at least 35 million, and possibly as many as 60 million, children aged 6–14 years are not in school. A good education equips a person for a better life shapes their thinking and gives the knowledge helps them to live with dignity. Illiteracy is like a vicious cycle and it needs to be broken by providing better education to these children. It will help them to develop a perspective of looking at life. Education helps will help them gain better job opportunities for financial independence and boost their self confidence. It is only possible to have a stable mind and a balanced life once they are self dependent and have a reputable standing in the society.

By simply being educated you’d have little job insecurity, no inferiority complex and a well organized understanding of the world. Education may not be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things which come together to make you happy. . One thing I wish I can do is, to provide education for all: no children left behind and change the world for good!!. Your adoption for educating a child will have a lasting postive effect throughout his/her life.

Sponsor a kid for an education per Annum for school fees Rs.12,000 Donate
Transportation Rs. 4,000 Donate
Total Rs.16,000 Donate

Sponsor a kid for school needs per annum

Text books & Note Books Rs.2500 Donate
2pairs of regular uniform Rs. 1,800
1 pair of white uniform Rs.900 Donate
2Pairs of school shoes Rs. 700 Donate
School Bag Rs. 400 Donate
Tie & Belt Rs. 175
Stationery and lunch box Rs. 350
Total Rs. 6,825

your contributions  with in india are eligible  for tax benefit under section 80G.

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